Star Chef's Workshop

Yesterday, foodies and culinary buffs alike spent their Sunday morning worshipping the artistry and capabilities of the rotovap, the centrifuge and the vacuum at Dave and Nils’ Star Chefs Workshop.  In lieu of coffee they started the audience off with a shot of Beef and Heirloom Tomato Vodka that Dave distilled the day before.  Nils seared  Tuna Sinew […]

Santo vs. Dave Arnold in El Grande Sacudirse de Coctel

posted by Nastassia Lopez We have our fair share of fans here at Cooking Issues. And then there are our super fans.  It turns out the great masked luchadore El Santo was so enthralled by our Cocktail Science Shake-Off that he stopped by the school last week and challenged Dave to a one-on-one (mano a mano) shake-off. […]

Taylor W. Hubble – The Tech Department's Guardian Angel

posted by Nastassia Lopez This May, Dave’s wish for a centrifuge came true when Unilever donated their old Sorvall RC2-B to the school’s Tech department.  The ‘fuge has a permanent home in Dave’s lair, and though it’s built like a bomb shelter, and not the most elegant instrument, this big guy is refrigerated and can […]