The hunt for Alan Slesinski's centrifuge

Posted by Mindy Nguyen Sometimes we get lucky, or maybe it’s more than that. Maybe if you’re good to your students, your students will be good to you. Well, a former Sous Vide Intensive student, Alan Slesinski, seems to be of that last mindset and he just happened to have an old centrifuge that he […]

Vitamin G: Get your dosage from Dave Arnold

Posted by Mindy Lvoff If you missed Dave and the tech team Thursday night at ISI’s Sugar and Whips event, then you’re in serious need of a “Vitamin G” infusion: house-carbonated, celery-infused Tanqueray gin mixed with fresh-squeezed sour orange juice (I dare you to challenge Dave to a citrus-juicing contest), Dolin’s Blanc Vermouth, and a […]

Enzyme Clarification

Posted by Dave Arnold Chadzilla had a good question about enzyme clarification: What is it? Many fruit juices, like apple and cucumber juice, are cloudy because of particles stabilized by pectin. You can use enzymes, like pectin lyase, to break down those pectins.  We use a brand called Pectinex Smash by Novozymes.  Simply add 1-2 […]

Experimental Cuisine Collective Anniversary Symposium

Posted by Mindy Nguyen On Monday, Nils participated in the Experimental Cuisine Collective’s symposium, “From Science to Sensation,” discussing how and where science and food intersect. If you’re following us here on the blog or have had the pleasure to dine on a dish that Nils has prepared, then you no doubt have an appreciation […]